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Q: Have you ever wondered why there is a dark line under your crown?  You thought you had a porcelain crown, so why is it dark at the bottom? Does this discoloration cause you to hide your smile?

A: If you answered yes, you are not alone.  What you are actually seeing is the metal under your porcelain crown.  Thats right… metal!  Most traditional porcelain crowns are actually composed of porcelain that is baked on a metal base.  This metal base has two major disadvantages.  One, the metal at the bottom turns the gums a darker color.  Over time, receding gum lines may entirely expose the metal.  Secondly, the metal can cause irritation to the gum tissue or even an allergic reaction in many people (often due to Nickel allergies).

So are you stuck with this or a “gold” crown?  Luckily, dentists have so many more crown choices these days.  Two of the most revolutionary materials are zirconia and lithium disilicate.  These are ceramics that have completely replaced the traditional porcelain crown in my practice.  Zirconia is much stronger and can be made much thinner than a traditional crown.  Lithium disilicate can give unsurpassed esthetics without compromising strength.  Both crowns are more esthetics and contain NO METAL!  So talk to your dentist about what crown is right for you.

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