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All-On-Four Frequently Asked Questions


Traditional dentures are a great option for some patients but for those looking for a more permanent choice, an all-on-four implant-supported denture is a more stable and natural-looking way for patients to replace missing teeth.


Four to 6 implants are surgically placed by either an oral surgeon or a periodontist. Once you are healed and the implants have integrated with your jaw bone, the denture will be secured onto the implants. An implant-supported denture is a permanent restoration and is beneficial to bone health as well as overall health!


Frequently Asked Questions for All-on-Four


What is an all-on-4 implant-supported denture? An all-on-4 is a fixed, dental prosthesis that replaces all of the teeth on one or both arches of your mouth. The denture is screwed down onto the jaw using dental implants strategically placed throughout the jaw.


How long does implant surgery take? Depending on the number of implants you are receiving, surgery can take at least three hours per arch.


What is the difference between traditional dentures and implant-supported? Traditional dentures are removed by the patient for cleaning and sleeping. An all-on-4 is screwed onto implants and cannot be removed except by a Dentist. All-on-4 dentures look more natural as well!


What is the success rate of all-on-4s? Studies show a 98% success rate for all-on-4 implant-supported dentures.


Do all-on-4 dentures look natural?


Since they are made using porcelain teeth, not only do all-on-4s look natural but they also feel and function just like your natural teeth did. They are incredibly secure and do not slip while you are eating or speaking.


Can an all-on-4 be placed on another arch at a later date?


You can have an all-on-4 placed on either arch at different times but it will save you a lot of time and money if they are done simultaneously.


Why are temporary teeth placed instead of the permanent denture the day my implants are placed?


The temporary denture is placed to permit healing time and help you become accustomed to your new teeth and the way you bite! As you heal, swelling will subside and your temporary denture may need to be adjusted. Once you are healed, after about six months, swelling will be completely gone and your implants will be fully integrated with your jaw bone and you will be able to have your permanent denture placed.


How do I clean my all-on-4?


Any denture should be brushed twice daily with a soft bristled toothbrush and flossed at least once a day. When you see your dentist for your professional cleaning, they will remove the denture and the hygienist will clean each implant and the denture separately before your dentist puts your denture back on. A water flosser may be beneficial for cleaning under your fixed denture to keep gum tissue healthy.


Who is the ideal candidate for an all-on-4? Regardless of age, any healthy adult patient may be a candidate for an all-on-4 denture. They must be able to withstand implant placement surgery and the extensive healing time.


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