Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost


A successful full mouth dental reconstruction can require multiple different treatments performed by an array of dental specialists, each of which will come with its own cost. You’ll want to choose a restoration dentist with experience and a solid reputation with full mouth reconstructions, and experience also comes with a cost. The overall cost of a full mouth reconstruction will always depend on the scope of treatment, and you and your dentist’s financial coordinator will arrive at a more formal estimate as part of your treatment planning. Many oral health problems can be addressed with full mouth reconstruction, and, for many patients, the overall cost is worth it, but it’s important to consider possible costs when exploring any treatment option.


In addition to the expertise of the dentist, other factors that influence the cost of full mouth reconstruction include the materials throughout treatment, the number and nature of procedures included in the overall treatment plan, the caliber of the lab used to craft prosthetics and other restorations, fees for anesthesia, and whether procedures by dental specialists will be included in the treatment plan. Treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders, which are disorders of the joint that hinges the jaw and attaches it to the skull, can cost anywhere from $2,000 or more, depending on the nature of the disorder and the extent of treatment.


Restorations that rely on dental implants can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 per tooth, depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the geographic location of the dentist. Dental bridges can be used as a more cost-effective choice when dental implants are out of range and missing teeth need replacing, and dental bridges might also be covered by insurance, while dental implants rarely are. The price range for dental bridges varies significantly, depending in large part on the number of teeth being replaced and the materials used. The cost of dental crowns is also affected substantially by the materials used, but the average price tag for a dental crown is anywhere from $600 to more than $1,000.


More cosmetic treatments like inlays and onlays range in cost from $500 to $1,250 per tooth; again, materials play a large part in the overall cost of treatment. Tooth-colored fillings can be an easy, non-invasive way to restore the color of the teeth and cost about $150 or $200 for each filling. While these strictly cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by most insurance plans, most people elect to have full mouth reconstruction because of recurring health issues, like headaches or muscle pain caused by an irregular bite or malnutrition because of the inability to eat, and any costs that aren’t covered by insurance can be defrayed by third-party financing plans supported by your dentist. The end goal of full mouth reconstruction is to address these health issues while creating a beautiful, strong smile that helps boost the patient’s overall health as well as their confidence. Full mouth reconstruction isn’t cheap, but for many patients, the differences it makes in quality of life are well worth the investment.

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